Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Garden

After a particularly windy and rainy day yesterday, this is the aftermath in my garden. The wind and rain was hard on my cherry blossoms. The swing in the backyard was up- ended during the night! But today is better and a little bit of sunshine is coming our way...

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Pocket Watch Tags Made it To Treasury West

My Pocket Watch gift tags made it to Etsy Treasury West and I'd like to give a big "thank you" to Susan at photohale. To see Susans' Etsy shop click on the link to her shop.

FYI: Why You Should Become a "Follower"

By clicking on the widget at the left and adding yourself to my Followers you will be able to find my blog quickly and not have to remember my blog name. This is a great way to keep track of blogs you like! I do this myself as I like to go back frequently to blogs that are of interest to me. Hope this post is helpful to you.

May Daze

Just finished a fabric collage which I have sewn to a canvas bag and finished painting a bird with acrylics on canvas. Why am I mentioning this? That's my excuse for not blogging in so long...I'll upload a photo of it. I've been trying to stretch my wings and try lots of other mediums. My newest project that I am currently working on is a little figurine made of paperclay. I plan to attach it to a box I previously made.

I just updated my Etsy shop with some more tag designs. Take a look if you get a chance. I digitally collaged them and I think they turned out nicely.

Saw the movie "State of Play" and thought it was great. If you like a good thriller this is a good one to see (with Russel Crowe).

Well, I will strive to keep my blog updated more frequently but if by chance you notice its been awhile you know I am working on something fun and exciting so keep checking back.